Powerbank In Malaysia (How To Choose Best Powerbank)

Do you know that owning a powerbank in Malaysia has become increasingly important for smartphone and tablet owner today? Powerbank become a trends for smartphone or tablet owner because its offer them so many advantages. Nowadays, most electronic gadgets such as smartphone and tablet do not have enough battery capacity due to a high level of usage.

Normally, if our smartphone battery power is running low, we will charge the battery using charger at home.What will you do if your smartphone power running low when at that time you a far away from your home for travelling or on business? You will have a lot to do if you bring the charger every time you go out where you need to find a source or plug.

Powerbank In Malaysia (How To Choose Best Powerbank)

Powerbank offers a great solution for this kind of situation. Of course, buying a backup battery is still an option but not as good as powerbank and it also limited to certain devices. Furthermore, most high-end smartphone has a non-removable battery which means that you cannot remove the battery and if you insist to do so, you will probably end up damaging you device. The backup or second battery only can be use for the same model of devices and quite expensive.

Powerbank offer a multicables for connectivity which allows user to charging different model of devices. If you buy a new smartphone, you don’t have to buy another powerbank because you can always use the same powerbank to charging your smartphone.

Below is the list of powerbank in Malaysia:

  • Pineng
  • Yoobao
  • Mi Powerbank
  • Vivis
  • Advance
  • Samsung
  • Yell
  • LonDisk
  • i-Glitters
  • i-Power
  • Macsonics
  • Everest
  • Kaspersky
  • Vivan
  • Samdisk
  • Zen
  • Wopow

Where to buy Powerbank In Malaysia?
You can buy powerbank in almost any electronic stores, mobilephone shop and supermarket. If you looking to buy a cheap powerbank in Malaysia, you can buy it online and most facebook group/page has a great deal for powerbank. However, please be careful before decided to buy online and make sure you are dealing with the trusted individual, group or company.

Tips on how to choose the best powerbank to buy:

  • Always choose the bigger capacity of battery if possible depends on your budgets. For example if Powerbank A (10,000 mAH) and Powerbank B (12,500mAH), both priced at RM100, you should buy Powerbank B because it offer a bigger battery capacity.
  • Multicable-Ensure that you buy Powerbank with multicables for your smartphone or tablet
  • Make sure powerbank have a warranty for certain period

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