What The Difference Between ORI Set And AP Set

Do you know what the difference between ORI Set And AP Set? When you plan to buy a new smartphone or tablet, you might been asked whether you want an original set or AP set. Do you really know what is the meaning of original set and AP set and also the different between them before make a decision to buy a new phone?

Don’t be surprised if we told you that both ORI set and AP set is an original product from manufacturer such as Samsung, Sony, Apple, HTC, Mi, Asus, Nokia, Huawei etc. You will notice that the AP product normally priced a bit cheaper than the original product. AP is the short form for Approved Product. Approved Product (AP) is mainly the product that was imported from overseas or other countries. For AP set, the warranty of the devices was given by the dealer which means that you need to bring your phone to the shop or place that you brought the device before. Keep in mind that AP Set is an original product from manufacturer but the warranty comes from other country or normally shop warranty.

What The Difference Between ORI Set And AP Set

Original Set or ORI set is the approved product by the manufacturer and the warranty for ORI set is given by the manufacturer or the original distributor in Malaysia. In this case, you can get the service for your product such as smartphone at all the registered service center. Original Set (ORI) offers the longer warranty period for the product compare to AP set. Original Set (ORI) comes with an authorised company sticker while AP set comes with AP (Approved) Product company sticker. For example if you buy ORI set from Samsung, there will be SME sticker on the product but if you buy AP set instead, there will be other sticker which is Approved product(AP) company sticker.

Apart from ORI Set and AP Set, there is also clone product which normally a product that looks almost the same with original product but with lower specifications.

How to check whether your phone is Original or not?
Important tips when you buy a new phone is you can always check the IMEI number by press *#06# on the phone. The IMEI number should the same with 15 digit serial number (IMEI) at the phone box sticker.

How to buy original phone?
You can buy original phone from authorized seller of the phone. For example, if you want to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you can get the original from Samsung Center or any authorised seller.

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