Contoh Cover Letter Email Hantar Resume Kerja

Anda cari contoh cover letter email untuk rujukan memohon vacancy yang iklannya meminta resume dihantar melalui email? Terlebih dahulu, anda tahu apa itu Cover Letter? Cover letter ialah dokumen yang dihantar bersama-sama dengan resume kerja bagi memohon sesuatu pekerjaan. Cover letter ialah  summary atau penambahan daripada resume anda contohnya skill, kelayakan dan kebolehan special.

Jika anda mencari pekerjaan atau vacancy di mana-mana medium contohnya di website cari kerja, surat-khabar dan sebagainya, anda mesti pernah melihat iklan tersebut mahukan anda menghantar butiran peribadi atau resume anda melalui email. Walaupun, biasanya, iklan tersebut cuma menyatakan supaya anda menghantar resume dan tidak menyebut tentang Cover Letter, tetapi cover letter sebenarnya sangat penting untuk anda menarik perhatian human resources atau pihak company yang anda minta kerja.Contoh Cover Letter Email Hantar Resume Kerja

Tips untuk menghantar resume online dan membuat Cover Letter by email ialah dengan menulis sedikit ringkasan dan penekanan terhadap kelayakan, pengalaman, skills dan apa-apa yang istimewa pada anda. Anda tidak digalakan menghantar cover letter melalui email dengan panjang, jika anda ada banyak yang hendak ditulis, anda boleh attachkan Cover Letter yang lebih detail beserta dengan resume dalam email anda.

Contoh Cover letter Email untuk memohon kerja dan menghantar resume melalui email.

No. 5777, Taman KakiPromo
454567, Bukit Beruang,


Human Resources Manager,
Malacca Energy Sdn Bhd,
4th Floor, Wisma KPromo,
Jalan Hang Tuah,
454557, Melaka                                                                                         5 JANUARY 2015

Dear Sir,


Your advertisement for the post of Assistant Engineer in Kakipromo.Com caught my attention.With all my respect, I wish to apply for the above position.I am a diploma holder in Electronic Engineering from Politeknik Shah Alam. I have been seeking just such an opportunity as this, and I think my education background and your requirements may be a good match.I believe my qualification; experiences and technical knowledge in engineering field will help me to contribute a great deal for your company. 

I have one year working experience at Solar Malaysia Sdn. Bhd as a technician in which the main task is to maintenance activities. In addition to that, I also gone through 5 month industrial training at Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) under Engineering department  and I got the excellent result for my Industrial training. 

I am motivated, hardworking and team player and can contribute to the company and also able to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines. This job interests me because it suits my qualification and i can use my knowledge and skill that i gained before. I also willing to learn new things to improve my skill and help me to do a better job.

I hereby enclose my resume for your reference and please feel free to contact be if you need more detail. Thank you for your consideration to my application. I certainly look forward to exploring this opportunity further.

Yours Sincerely,

[email protected]
Tel: 016-23232323

Jika anda merasakan Cover Letter email yang anda buat terlalu ringkas, anda digalakan untuk attachkan Cover Letter yang lebih detail bersama-sama dengan resume kerja anda.


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